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Stop ignoring musty odors, allergic reactions and unexplained illnesses

Easy To Use

1. Take Samples: one indoor sample, one outdoor sample and two surface samples.
2. Register your Samples Online.
3. Mail in Samples to our 3rd party laboratory for scientific analysis*
4.Receive your lab report and schedule your Free lab Consultation



Our third-party AIHA-Accredited laboratory analyzes your samples while also interpreting the test results.  MMD’s customized lab report will indicate whether your mold concentration levels are Normal, Slightly Elevated or Elevated. This report is easy-to-read, paperless and online.



Living in an elevated mold environment can cause many different side effects. They range from mild allergy symptoms to serious infections and even bleeding in the lungs and nose.

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Included in your My Mold Detective 1 Room Mold Test Kit

  • 1 MMD Air Sampling Pump
  • 2 Air Sample Cassettes
  • 2 Surface Samples
  • 1 Fedex Mailing Envelope
  • Includes FREE Lab Report Consultation

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Take the first step towards putting quality back in your air and health back in your life with My Mold Detective®

Need to test more rooms? Additional Air and Surface Samples available.

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*Each sample requires a $35 lab analysis fee.